‘Caring about you and your future’

  • Horizon Education is a ‘boutique’ Private Training Establishment that has delivered successful training programmes in Palmerston North since 1997.
  • All our ‘on-site’ programmes are fees-free to the learner so read on to find out more!


What our students are saying about us….

“Extremely friendly staff which creates a good learning environment. I am very pleasantly surprised how much Horizon Education staff care about and help students with their learning and other needs. Our tutor as well as other staff created a kind of family or community atmosphere. Very impressed. You are good, down-to-earth people, where people are important and each one is valued”.


“You provided all I needed and everything I wanted. I would really like to be there again. The tutor was really helpful and friendly to me and the hours were suited to my needs. The practical placements were worthwhile and I gained a lot of experience and confidence. I enjoyed the relaxed style of learning where there was plenty of encouragement and the chance to listen to the experiences of others”


“I decided to come to Horizon Education for my career (NZ Army). If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to pass NCEA Level 1. They care about my learning”.

Horizon Education Youth Training Programmes

“I enjoyed my time at Horizon Education. Yes – the staff were very helpful to me. Please keep on helping people like me. I found the presentations really great. It was good to have people come in and give talks and I also liked getting the hand-outs so I could go over them whenever I needed to. My placements were very appropriate and worthwhile for me and I got a job. I don’t have any suggestions for improvements. Everything was perfect and absolutely fine for me”.

“This is probably the best place I could have ended up after leaving high school”.

“From being a compulsive wagger, (I wagged whenever I didn’t enjoy something at high school) I have not wagged since I started this course”.

A Category One Training Provider as deemed through the NZQA EER process, October 2012.

Registered and Accredited as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand
Authority pursuant to the Education Act 1989.

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